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Sceptre Monitor Review – 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor (C275B-144RN)

Note: This review is in no way sponsored by Sceptre. I had no contact with the company and bought the monitor at full price from Amazon As I started to get more into competitive esports, I realized my 60Hz PS4 Monitor wasn’t cutting it. I decided to upgrade by BenQ RL2455 monitor to a 144Hz+ refresh PC gaming monitor. After shopping on Amazon for hours, I decided to take a …
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A Beginner’s Guide to – The World’s First Regulated Tokenized Security Exchange

In all the ways that the cryptocurrency space has developed over recent years, one prediction that never quite came to fruition was the rise of tokenized securities. As the ICO boom died down, many predicted that traditional trading would soon be performed using tokens. As things stand, that prediction hasn’t turned out entirely in the way that crypto enthusiasts had hoped.  Regulators across the globe started to clamp down on …
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Beginners Guide to Oobit – The “SkyScanner” of Cryptocurrency

As the cryptocurrency industry has matured, we’ve seen many positive developments happening in the sector. The growing markets for crypto-backed derivatives, opportunities for passive income through lending apps and staking, and an explosion of stablecoins helping to offset the risks of volatility are just a few.  However, even with all this progress, there is still plenty of friction for the average Joe trying to navigate the crypto space.  For newcomers, …
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