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Why Most Tech Companies are Trying to Find Solace in Crypto

Cryptocurrencies have so far become more than just a passing fad. These assets represent the future of global finance and money, and they are on a significant rise that can’t possibly be denied. Since January, Bitcoin alone has risen by almost 100 percent. The asset has broken its previous all-time record high of $20,000, and it settled above the $50,000 mark just two weeks ago. It has been an impressive …
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Electroneum’s Blockchain Team works on new projects

Electroneum Head of Blockchain Chris Harrison has been away from the spotlight for a few months now, but he and his team have focused on projects. That means there will be great news in the coming months. “The blockchain team has been silently working on some exciting new projects that we will soon publicly announce in detail,” said Mr. Harrison. He also took the opportunity to share a Ledger update …
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Algorithmic Yield Farming

Decentralized Finance (Defi) remains a crypto buzzword and hot topic. Despite its unwavering and unstaggering popularity. Its growth doesn’t appear to decline nor wane. Every day we continuously see new projects come out to service different sections of the decentralized finance movement. All of which are gearing towards one goal: the increase in overall usage and mass adoption to the benefits of both the users and the entire ecosystem. Two …
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