James Woods

Crypto researcher, tech geek, and a newbie developer.

The Safest Methods to Deposit into Online Gambling Accounts

The rise of online betting is plagued with inevitable setbacks. One of which is the need for safe and innovative…

6 hours ago

Embr’s Innovative CeDeFi Ecosystem Aims to Provide Long-term Value To Investors

There has been a lot of discussion about decentralization and why it is essential for global growth. While centralized institutions…

23 hours ago

Nugenesis Patented Gasless NFT Platform Will Bring Mainstream Adoption

NuGenesis has 4 patents pending for its gasless NFT multi-cross chain system. It sees NFTs as a seismic shift in…

3 days ago

The Most Awaited Collaboration, 123 swap X Polygon

Polygon and 123 swap have established a strategic relationship. Polygon, previously Matic, is an Ethereum-compatible blockchain network building and linking…

1 week ago

Crypto Exchange KuCoin Global Storytelling Agenda

KuCoin is one of the flagship crypto exchanges. It is famous for its advanced level of security and ease of…

1 week ago

Before 123SWAP, Cryptocurrency Was Tricky

The 123swap platform is a decentralized financial system that allows for smooth peer-to-peer crypto-asset switching. It grants simple, transparent, and…

3 weeks ago

Openpayd Have Productized a Fully-Compliant Banking and Payments Platform

OpenPayd have productized a fully-compliant banking and payments platform...and they are bringing that “embedded finance” solution to the heart of…

4 weeks ago

Nugensis Blockchains: Be Bullet-Proof From Security Laws Action

The House passed the Eliminate Barriers to Innovation Act (20 April 2021). The passed act requires the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the…

5 months ago

Critical Blood Shortage Alert Issued in San Francisco

Beginning today, World Blood Donor Day, first-time donors can get a preview of their blood type when they give with…

5 months ago

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