Sceptre Monitor Review – 27″ Curved Gaming Monitor (C275B-144RN)

Note: This review is in no way sponsored by Sceptre. I had no contact with the company and bought the monitor at full price from Amazon

As I started to get more into competitive esports, I realized my 60Hz PS4 Monitor wasn’t cutting it. I decided to upgrade by BenQ RL2455 monitor to a 144Hz+ refresh PC gaming monitor.

Video review of the Sceptre 27″ 185Hz Curved Gaming Monitor

After shopping on Amazon for hours, I decided to take a chance on a brand I’ve never heard of before – Sceptre. What initially turned me off about this Sceptre monitor were the reviews that claimed the quality wasn’t there. However, when I found out that Sceptre is based in the same state I live in – California – I knew I had to pull the trigger.

I placed the order on Amazon and got it 2 days later. Once I got the package, I was able to assemble the stand and connect the monitor to my graphics card with the included Display Port.

I couldn’t believe when I noticed that the monitor can be “overclocked” to go up to 185Hz refresh rate! I’m not sure why it doesn’t show that feature on the Amazon listing, but nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise.

Another worry I had about the Sceptre C275B-144RN before purchasing, was the quality of the colors of the display panel. When I first turned on the monitor I did notice the colors were slightly duller than my BenQ, but once I switched the color settings on the monitor to FPS, the colors looked just fine.

Moreover, after using this monitor for a few weeks I have absolutely no complaints about the color quality. After all, I didn’t get this monitor for games to look pretty, I got it for the performance and so far I’m more than satisfied.

Another concern of mine was the fact that this monitor is curved, will I have a hard time getting used to it coming from a flat monitor. Well, that also wasn’t an issue once I actually set up the monitor. The curvature is very minimal and not very noticeable, if anything it makes the games more immersive and helps me focus. What’s more, is that the curvature makes it easier for your peripheral vision to see enemies, resulting in faster reaction times.

If you are looking to upgrade from a 60Hz monitor but don’t want to spend $400+ on a 240Hz monitor, this is a perfect in-between option to help you get that edge. Also, keep in mind that while the transition from 60Hz to 144Hz is significant, the transition from 144Hz – 240Hz is much less beneficial and noticeable.

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