BlockDAG Rises Amid Ethereum Liquidations, Aptos Crypto News: Best Crypto to Buy

Optimal Crypto Pick: BlockDAG Surges Despite Ethereum Liquidations and Aptos Drop, Boasting 30,000x Profit Prospects

As the month ends, worries about a potential market downtrend are increasing. Ethereum liquidations and Aptos crypto news signal stress and upcoming challenges. In this context, BlockDAG, a layer-1 project with an outstanding presale, has become the favored choice for investors. Its advanced DAG technology and promising long-term potential make it a top crypto to buy. The BlockDAG presale has soared to over $53.8 million due to growing investor interest. Analysts predict BDAG could deliver more than 30,000x ROIs, emphasizing its appeal in the current market.

Ethereum Liquidations and Market Activity

On June 11th, Ethereum (ETH) experienced a significant rise in long liquidations, with $62 million in long liquidations and $7.3 million in short liquidations, as reported by Coinglass. Liquidations happen when a trader’s position is closed due to insufficient funds. This marks the highest liquidation level since May 23rd. Despite these liquidations, Ethereum’s Funding Rate remains positive at 0.0069%, indicating ongoing demand for long positions.

In the past 24 hours, Ethereum’s derivatives market has declined. The total volume of trades in its options market dropped by 52% to $321 million. Open Interest, which measures outstanding contracts, fell by 2% to $15.73 billion. These declines suggest reduced market activity and potential liquidity issues.

Aptos Crypto News: Growth and Challenges

Recent Aptos crypto news highlights significant growth in the first quarter. The circulating market cap rose by 127% to $6.6 billion, outpacing similar projects. Despite this, the native token APT saw a modest 76% gain. Aptos’ revenue increased by 37% to $475,000, though revenue in APT terms decreased by 10%.

Network activity surged, with daily transactions and addresses growing by 66% and 97% respectively. The average transaction fee dropped by 45% to 0.0006 APT ($0.007). However, APT’s price performance struggled, currently trading at $8.46, and faced resistance at $8.80. The staked market cap grew by 68% to over $14 billion, yet APT’s price remains under pressure.

BlockDAG: Advanced DAG Tech Spurs Presale On

BlockDAG’s advanced Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) technology sets it apart from traditional blockchain networks. Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum’s Proof of Work (PoW) systems, which rely on a sequential chain of blocks, BlockDAG uses a DAG structure to allow multiple references per block. This design boosts transaction capacity and network throughput, addressing scalability issues that have long plagued other cryptocurrencies.

The BlockDAG presale has attracted significant investor interest, raising over $53.8 million. Currently, in its 18th batch, BDAG is priced at $0.0122, with more than 11.8 billion coins sold. Analysts predict that BlockDAG’s unique technology and market strategy could yield a 30,000x return on investment, making it a top crypto to buy.

BlockDAG’s compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) allows for easy integration of Ethereum-based contracts, enhancing its appeal. The project also plans a swift mainnet launch within six months, demonstrating its commitment to rapid innovation. These factors position BlockDAG as a promising contender in the cryptocurrency market, appealing to both new and seasoned investors.

The Last Line

While Ethereum and Aptos face challenges, BlockDAG stands out as a promising investment opportunity. With its advanced DAG technology, BlockDAG has raised over $53.8 million in its presale, selling more than 11.8 billion coins. Analysts project that BlockDAG’s unique technology could yield a 30,000x ROI, making it a top crypto to buy. Despite concerns like Ethereum liquidations and Aptos crypto news, BlockDAG’s strong growth projections and technological edge position it favorably. For investors seeking substantial returns, BlockDAG offers a compelling case for investment.

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