The Sandbox Alpha Metaverse First Impressions

The long-awaited Sandbox Alpha is here. As the most anticipated Metaverse project on the market, The Sandbox released its open alpha today. As someone who’s not personally invested in The Sandbox, I wanted to check out what all the hype is about. So without further ado, let’s check out the alpha.

The first thing you will need to do to access the alpha is download and install the Windows client from The Sandbox’s official website. You will also need to create an account using your email address on The Sandbox to log in.

Once you log in, you are automatically teleported to The Sandbox hub, the central area allowing users to travel to different destinations.

the sandbox alpha first impression

If you can’t shell out $10,000+ for an alpha pass NFT, then most of the experiences are going to be locked out for you. The three experiences accessible to non-alpha pass holders are not yet available and will open up on various dates this week.

The good news is, new players can still do several quests even without an alpha pass. Speak to the Metaverse guide and go through the options; select OK when he asks you if you want to do the Alpha quests. That will unlock yellow targets on your screen, which you can navigate to do the quests.

The first quest prompts you to find the three interest points in the Hub. The interest points are called Oracles Area, Scientist Area, and Heroes Area. Once you find all three areas, the quest is complete.

Players can start the second quest by talking to the Voxelite bot, located between the Heroes and Scientists faction area. The bot prompts you to find the five beacons and connect them to stabilize the Voxelite Flux. Once you find all five beacons, the quest is complete.

Players can start the last quest by talking to the Shepherd Bot, located in the Scientists faction area. The quest is called Counting Challenge and prompts you to count the number of lynx, deer, and brown bears in the Alpha hub, then report back to the Shepherd Bot.

If you’re looking to complete the quest without counting, here are the correct answers: 6,5,5. Once you submit the right answers, the challenge is complete.

First Impressions

the sandbox alpha first impression

The first thing you might notice about The Sandbox is how smooth the movement, controls, and graphics are. The SAND Metaverse is akin to Minecraft, with slight the added flavors of Fortnite.

My favorite part about The Sandbox was the game’s design, and my least favorite part was the super repetitive music that made me want to take my headphones out.

If you don’t hold an Alpha pass, unfortunately, there isn’t much to do besides complete the three starter quests at this time. However, as more and more experiences open up, we will get a better idea of what The Sandbox is capable of.

With a successful Alpha release, The Sandbox makes for an excellent pick for 2022 as we dive deeper into the Metaverse. At the time of writing, SAND is trading at $7.19, up 3% in the past 24 hours.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency.

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