Popular Online Casino Games And What Makes Them Unique

I cannot resist the lure of the huge jackpots found on many different slot machines, and you probably enjoy playing such games yourself, much more so in the online playing environment.

With most online casinos offering literally hundreds of different slot machines of every possible type, description, and category, you can play for hours if not days online and never play the same slot game twice.

The Dragon Gold Slot is an extremely popular dragon slot machine according to Jacob Atkinson from SOS Game. It is one of many themed slots that you will come across, in fact here are some of the most popular slot machine themes you will find at most casino sites:

  • Egypt
  • Asia
  • Celebrity
  • Outer Space
  • Pets and Animals
  • Sport
  • TV Shows and Films

I can guarantee though, that no matter which types of slot machines you love playing the most, and no matter what themes you look for, you will find them online and in great abundance too.

Unique Categories of Online Slot Machines

Each slot machine tends to come with its own playing structure and format, and many of them do of course come with unique bonus games and bonus features.

There are however just a small number of unique categories of slot games, and below you will find each of them:

  • Classic Slots
  • Video Slot Games
  • Progressive Slots
  • Fixed Odds Slot Machines
  • Three Reel Slot Games
  • AWP and Fruit Machines

It is important though, when playing any slot in any playing environment that you check the pay table and any associated and attached game play rules, to get a good understanding of the pay-outs and structure of each slot machine.

Popular Progressive Slot Machines

You can of course win big at any moment when playing any type of slot machines, however it will be those ones that boast one or more progressive jackpots that most players will magically be drawn into playing when they come across them.

Here are three of the most popular categories of progressive slots, and I will give you an insight into what makes them both unique and exciting for players below this list:

  • Standard Progressive Slots
  • Random Progressive Slot Machines
  • Guaranteed Hit-By Slot Games

When playing a standard progressive slot machine, you are often required to either play for maximum stakes or activate every single pay line offered on those slots.

By doing so you will then be hoping you spin in all of the progressive jackpot awarding reel symbols on the respective pay line that awards the jackpot.

There has been a large increase in the number of random progressive slot machines available to online players recently, and the main attraction of those slots is that players can play them for any stake amount, even pennies and still have a chance of winning a progressive jackpot.

As the jackpots are awarded completely at random at the end of any base game spin, there is no requirement or need to have to line up a set of jackpot symbols on a pay line, and that adds another dimension of excitement to playing those types of slots.

Also, be on the lookout for the next generation of slot machines on which one or more Hit-By” progressive jackpots may be attached, those are jackpots that are guaranteed to be hit and awarded before they reach a certain value.

There is one rather strategic way you can play such slots to increase your chances of winning their respective progressive jackpots, and that is to simply go on the hunt for the ones that are not far off their hit by payout value.

By playing those slots with high jackpots close to their guaranteed hit by amounts, you stand a much greater chance of winning them compared to playing a slot which has a jackpot nowhere near close to its guaranteed hit by amount, so be aware of that when playing such slots.