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What is Phemex’s all-new Learn and Earn program?

A decade ago, Bitcoin was merely a philosophical research paper for a new type of digital currency. Today, there is no major technology or financial publication or news portal with no cryptocurrency stories or blockchain news.  From being ridiculed as magic internet money backed by thin air to narratives of the wild west, nerdy money, get-rich-quick schemes, and gaining mainstream consciousness as we settle into 2021, the crypto industry has …
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Phemex Is Adding Bitcoin Offering to Its Earn Crypto Product

The digital asset industry has gone on a blistering rally over the last year. The once-obscure technology has now seeped into regular dinnertime conversation among the young and the old alike. Cryptocurrencies have come a long way, from being known as havens for criminals and money launderers to paving the way for the democratization of finance. Today, “Blockchain” and “Bitcoin” tops the list of social discourse. Beyond the buzz, however, …
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Global Exchange Phemex Wants to Give Back to Bitcoin Pizza Guy

It’s been over a decade since Bitcoin was first announced to the world. It was the first censorship-resistant, trustless, decentralized payments network, but the original cryptocurrency wouldn’t generate much hype until a few years later. In the early stages following Bitcoin’s launch, cryptocurrency mining wasn’t even an industry yet, and was quite different from the fiercely competitive space it is today. This made it fairly simple for enthusiasts to mine …
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