Author: Elias Ziedeh

The Ongoing Growth Of Online Gambling Looks Promising

Online gambling has seen a substantial momentum increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As people cannot gamble or place bets, online casino play becomes the next best option. Finding the right casino remains crucial, though. Online Gambling Is Booming Thorough research has been conducted to figure out the impact of COVID-19 on online gambling. Primarily regular gamblers flock to online casinos and other platforms. However, the COVID-19 lockdowns have pushed …
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Gamex A Game Changer? The First Lebanese Cryptocurrency Project

I’m Elias Ziedeh CEO & founder of GameX. GameX is a community project founded by gamers around the world, with the aim to improve the gaming industry. GameX’s mission is to provide gaming-related products of high quality and become one of the most important gaming stores in the world, where players can get their gaming gear, favorite games with a push of a button.  In addition to this GAMEX works …
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