Celebrate Phemex’s 2nd Anniversary & Choose Your Reality

Phemex has journeyed a long way since its inception in 2019. To celebrate its 2nd anniversary, Phemex is bringing a one-of-a-kind campaign. The Singaporean cryptocurrency exchange is helping to pave the way for a more open financial system for the world, and to celebrate its 2nd anniversary on November 25th and thank its users for their continued support, the exchange has a big surprise in store.

Phemex is hosting the “Choose Your Reality” campaign to celebrate its accomplishments in these two incredible years working toward its mission of helping users Break Through and Break Free into financial freedom.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology promises to revolutionize the traditional finance sector, and there has never been more demand for an open, transparent, and secure financial system. It comes as no surprise that the crypto revolution is slowly but surely disrupting today’s financial system, which is based on archaic and inefficient frameworks.

With growing calls for data and privacy security, the development of decentralized and independent financial systems has gained tremendous pace. Phemex has leveraged this appeal to build a passionate and dedicated community in such a short span of time. Phemex’s main objective is to create financial opportunities. To this end, the exchange has created exceptional financial tools, world-class services, and an expert knowledge base. This month, Phemex is pushing itself a step further and helping materialize its users’ wildest dreams into reality.

The all-new “Choose Your Reality” campaign features the “Dream with Phemex” event. Here, the users may submit their dreams and goals in text form supplemented with an optional video clip. On February 16, 2022, Phemex will choose 10 lucky winners whose dreams will be made into reality.

To learn more about this event, check out the official announcement of the campaign. 

Phemex’s incredible shared journey: The story so far

Though Phemex has only been around for a few years, it has quickly evolved to become a leading crypto exchange. It started with just three contract pairs, and now offers a wide selection of up to 40 spot pairs, 39 contract pairs, almost 2 million active users, and over $10 billion in daily average trading volume. With its investor-first approach, today’s Phemex competes relentlessly on a global level with some of the most high-profile crypto platforms.

Phemex positions itself as a pioneer that explores and presents new financial opportunities in the cryptocurrency realm. From a viral puzzle challenge and giveaway of 2.1 BTC, to launching a relief fund for those in Wuhan reeling under the COVID-19 onslaught, Phemex has carved a niche for itself, collaborating with Twitter user STAKT to buy and supply 10,000 masks from Japan aided by volunteers and doctors from the Wuhan People’s hospital. However, its charitable endeavors do not end there.

With “The Era of Zero,” Phemex rolled out zero-fee spot trading exclusively for its premium members in May 2020. The very next month, Phemex entered into a partnership with global fiat on-ramp Banxa to facilitate a seamless experience for users to purchase crypto with the help of credit cards or debit cards. In addition to that, the exchange also introduced over-the-counter [OTC] services in February 2021.

Phemex’s Earn Crypto program launched at the beginning of the year allows traders to rake in up to 8.5% APY on USDT deposits worth up to $1.5 million. The cryptocurrency exchange joined hands with its community to list its first-ever non-fungible token [NFT] on OpenSea. The artwork had ETH deposit addresses of more than 1000 users of Phemex and was auctioned off for 44 ETH, which was worth $100,000 at the time. All the proceeds of the auction were divided amongst the participants.

The platform had also launched a massive campaign to find the original ‘Bitcoin Pizza Guy,’ in May this year. It offered the Florida-based programmer, Laszlo Hanyecz, the original BTC Pizza guy, a second chance at spending 10,000 BTC on their Earn Crypto platform. The amount he earned would have been worth more than $120,000 in interest!

A few months later, the exchange came up with the ‘Learn and Earn’ program that allows users to stay in the loop about blockchain technology and the crypto industry while getting paid for it. Phemex’s Academy portal contains more than 400 informative and intricately written articles.

Throughout its development journey, Phemex has always prioritized consumer needs. In addition to a slew of trading competitions and giveaways, the cryptocurrency platform has launched different types of events and features that cater to user demands. Naturally, Phemex has managed to climb the ladder and is ranked within the top 10 derivatives exchanges across the world.

Phemex is here to help break through into a better system

Jack Tao and other co-founders started the Phemex exchange to offer equal financial opportunities to all. The main objective behind the creation of Phemex was to help guide users through the world of digital finance. Phemex achieves this by developing an advanced and sophisticated platform, adopting high standards, and blending mature traditional finance tools with the freedom ethos of cryptocurrency.

Phemex is also expanding its footprint into the red hot space of the metaverse. The metaverse represents a brand new way of interacting with the digital world. Phemex CEO Jack Tao spoke about the movement and the significance of NFTs at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, which was attended by more than 1,500 industry experts. While noting that NFTs are here to stay, the executive added:

“No one knows what it will look like, but that’s the point. The metaverse won’t be constructed by a handful of centralized conglomerates — it’ll be assembled by billions of people.”

Expanding the platform is not the only objective of Phemex. User needs are also of utmost importance. The innovative ‘Choose Your Reality’ program is a testament to Phemex’s dedication to its users during its 2-year anniversary celebration.