Phemex’s Special Christmas Campaign Puts Santa to Shame

Christmas is in the air, and the scent of presents, holidays, and joy can be found worldwide. The global festive season has various effects on all commercial sectors, including Web3. At $24,600, Bitcoin hit a yearly all-time high last Christmas. Things could get wild this December, given how much the space has developed since then.

Although Bitcoin has already surpassed last year’s peak, whether it’ll end the year at a high is still unclear. However, the industry is maturing, with a market value roughly four times greater than it was in December 2020.

It’s the season of gifts and cheer, and Phemex’s most recent campaign is here to make it even better. Christmas is a day of giving, and the Singapore-based digital asset derivatives exchange is handing out some interesting gifts on this special day.

Season’s Greetings

Phemex is running an extensive campaign, giving away $120,000 in prizes as the days count down to December 25. Not only that, but a few lucky winners may also be in line for an iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Participants must visit and register for the event using their Phemex UID. Next, they must complete a series of assignments, including following the exchange’s various social media accounts, sharing the exchange’s posts with followers, and completing the platform’s KYC procedure. Last year, Phemex ran a Christmas promotion where they handed away a Tesla Model 3.

Phemex is also giving out significant bonuses for fulfilling additional objectives such as depositing BTC and ETH tokens, exceeding a particular contract trading volume, and answering a question. The campaign will run from December 14 to 25, the winners will be announced on January 3, and prize distribution will occur a few weeks later.

There are four reward pools, giving participants four chances to win. The first is an airdrop, in which a thousand lucky users are chosen at random to share a $20,000 prize fund. The second prize pool will be split by a much smaller group: 10 lucky winners will each receive an iPhone 13 Pro Max. To be eligible for this prize pool, users must complete at least 11 of the campaign actions, and a random drawing will choose the winners.

A third $40,000 pool is set for participants who perform jobs involving contract trading volumes. In comparison, the fourth and final $40,000 pool is set aside for those who complete activities involving exchange deposits.

Both prize pools will be given on a first-come, first-served basis, so get depositing and trading as soon as possible! The trading period is extended for the campaign duration, and deposits will be eligible for prizes only if they are held on the exchange until December 25.

Around the World, All the Time

Winners will be notified by [email protected] on their registered emails by January 3, with prize distribution beginning on the 24th. Only one account per user can participate, and only main accounts are counted. If a participant uses multiple accounts, they will be disqualified from receiving prizes. Furthermore, to get incentives, users must guarantee that their Phemex UID is correct and linked to their Gleam email address.

Phemex has grown tremendously over the last two years, offering over 40 spot pairs, 39 contract pairs and hosting approximately two million users. The exchange holds events regularly to keep in touch with its users, and aggregators such as CoinMarketCap have classified it as one of the world’s top derivatives trading platforms.

On Christmas, presents are always appreciated, and cryptocurrency is a gift that keeps on giving. Phemex’s Christmas Special campaign aims to give back to the community that gave it life by celebrating both the holiday and blockchain’s spectacular growth in 2021.