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How to Pick the Best Website Hosting

Making your website is more important than ever, and choosing the best web hosting is a key component in every successful web page. Google’s Best Practices advise that your website should load in less than 3 seconds. The benefits of increasing website speed are improved user experience, increased conversation rates, and improved search ranking. A 9-second increase in page load time increases mobile bounce rate by 123%. There are many …
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DOJ Requesting Identifying Information from Anti-Trump Website

The Donald Trump Administration has ruffled a lot of feathers since taking office. From endless gaffes, allegations of Russian collusion, to threats of preemptive strikes on nuclear adversaries, Trump’s first year in office has left many worried about ethics and the state of the Union. Recently it surfaced that the Trump Administration has been demanding IP addresses of citizens visiting an anti-Trump website. Whether one voted for him or thoroughly dislikes him, …
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