Andrew is a consultant, journalist, and speaker in the distributed ledger technology space. His background includes cybersecurity, renewable energy, and robotics.

How to Create a Data-Driven Organization

Less than a quarter of executives have created a data-driven organization.  Why is this percentage so low?  There are numerous…

3 months ago

How to Pick the Best Website Hosting

Making your website is more important than ever, and choosing the best web hosting is a key component in every…

10 months ago

How to Use Live Video for Your Business

Live video in today’s internet is changing the way people watch video as a whole and can be used to…

2 years ago

The blockchain is the future of social media

Nowadays we observe tectonic shifts on social platforms. Some of them struggle with society; others rise up and fade, trying…

4 years ago

Life on the Blockchain

Maria stirs from her sleep. She is awoken by a combination of soft tones, the opening of her curtains, and…

4 years ago

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