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Why Continuous Security Testing Is Crucial for Business Survival Now More Than Ever

Cybersecurity has become a top priority for businesses. Most organizations have already adopted capable security solutions to protect their networks from attacks. Unfortunately, these solutions may not be enough.  Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, hackers have been reported to be ramping up their attacks. They look to prey upon the many businesses that were forced to shift to remote work. Companies are adopting new apps and devices which …
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Good Practices That Will Upgrade Your Online Security

The development of information technology, and especially the Internet, has brought many benefits to man. However, digital technology and the network environment also carry several risks. This is because the Internet is an open network without a centralized management system, so its vulnerability is evident. There are many ways in which different entities, externally or internally, can compromise online security. First of all, on private data, intellectual property and other …
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Mobile Devices are the Modern Era’s Spy Tools

At one point in their life, everyone wanted to be a spy like James Bond. There are many aspects of being a spy that seem incredibly alluring. Even in this modern era, spy software – particularly for mobile devices – can be very powerful when utilized correctly. As can be seen on , there are a variety of tools to use for this specific purpose. The Power of Spy …
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