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Collect Bitcoin and Counterparty Tokens With The Takara Geocaching Game

The blockchain can be used for many different things, albeit gaming is not something most people would think of right away. Takara, a Bitcoin geocaching game, has added support for Counterparty assets earlier this week. This game is developed by Christian Moss, who represents MandelDuck. This particular company is also behind the popular SaruTobi game.  Takara Integrates Counterparty Token Support The name Takara was not chosen at random by MandelDuck, as …
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Mobile Bitcoin Geocaching Game Takara Releases iOS Update

A little while ago, we reported on a new Bitcoin game for the iOS platform called Takara. Even though the application has been released, not all of the features were available at that time, and the developers promised an updated version of the game would make it to the Apple App Store very soon. That update has now been published, and dropping Bitcoin in locations around the world is now …
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Takara Mobile Bitcoin Game Released on iOS

A new Bitcoin game will be coming to iOS users around the world in the very near future. Takara, as the mobile game is called, focuses on geocaching, allowing users to drop Bitcoin treasures all over the world. Other players will then have to venture outside to collect these treasures, similar to how Google’s Ingress game works. Plus, there is room for advertisers to spread a message to all players …
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