Mobile Bitcoin Geocaching Game Takara Releases iOS Update

A little while ago, we reported on a new Bitcoin game for the iOS platform called Takara. Even though the application has been released, not all of the features were available at that time, and the developers promised an updated version of the game would make it to the Apple App Store very soon. That update has now been published, and dropping Bitcoin in locations around the world is now possible.

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Takara Update Includes Bitcoin Drops And Security Updates

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Unfortunately for Android users, Takara is still not available on that mobile operating system, although the developers have announced it will be coming soon. The updated iOS version, on the other hand, comes packed with several new security updates, as well as the long-awaited feature to drop Bitcoin as part of this mobile geocaching game.

At the time of publication, roughly 100 takara has been dropped throughout locations around the world, indicating there is a definite interest in this mobile game. Keeping in mind how this game was developed for geocaching purposes, the main is to get people playing the game on iOS and then explore the real world to collect small chunks of Bitcoin along the way.

For those Takara players looking to drop some Bitcoin in a particular location, they will have to attach a question only someone physically present at those coordinates can answer. Not only will this prevent location spoofing, but it will also incentivize users to go outside and explore new areas.

On the topic of security, various changes have been made by the Takara developers. First of all, the private key associated with the Bitcoin drop is encrypted with the answer. Even if the game servers would be compromised at some point, all of the dropped amounts will be safe from harm as players do not need to rely on the company for redeeming coins. This answer is not stored on the Takara servers, and can therefore not be decrypted by the developers.

Secondly, when dropping a question and attaching a Bitcoin balance, the private key used will be broadcasted to the user making the drop-off. This is done so that the user can write down this private key, and recover unclaimed funds whenever needed. A very nice feature that a lot of people will appreciate.

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