Takara Mobile Bitcoin Game Released on iOS

A new Bitcoin game will be coming to iOS users around the world in the very near future. Takara, as the mobile game is called, focuses on geocaching, allowing users to drop Bitcoin treasures all over the world. Other players will then have to venture outside to collect these treasures, similar to how Google’s Ingress game works. Plus, there is room for advertisers to spread a message to all players in a certain location.

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Takara Bitcoin Game Comes to iOS

TheMerkle_Bitcoin iOS Game Takara Geocaching

Mobile Bitcoin games are an excellent way to spread the word on this popular digital currency, as there are still a lot of people out there who have never interacted with Bitcoin. By making them play a casual mobile game that encourages them to go outside and collect Bitcoin treasure, that situation might be about to change soon, though.

But there is more to Takara than just the geocaching aspect, as the mobile game also offers a secure wallet for users to store their collected Bitcoin wealth. While no one will be getting rich overnight from playing this game, it puts an interactive spin on getting acquainted with Bitcoin and digital currency in general.

Advertisers are not forgotten either, as they can use the Takara platform to attach customer banners and website links to Bitcoin treasure dropped by them in certain locations. This is a cheap and effective way of engaging existing and new customers alike, and it will be interesting to see whether or not this model can gain any success in the future.

The main goal is to have local businesses use the Takara mobile game in an attempt to attract new customers. This can be achieved by dropping tiny amounts of treasure within their store, and letting users claim the balance when they browse around the shop for a few minutes. In the end, all involved parties will benefit from these opportunities.

During the first few days after the game has been released, dropping Bitcoin in-game will be disabled. The reason for this is simple: the developers want users to actively spoof their location and pick up the treasure dropped in Antarctica. Better get a move on before the penguins get to it and start rolling in riches.

Last but not least, individual users who drop a Bitcoin treasure on the map will be able to include a short message, or a question. Doing so will hopefully create active engagement between users of the Takara game, and can even lead to education efforts on Bitcoin and digital currency in general.

Source: Reddit

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