Collect Bitcoin and Counterparty Tokens With The Takara Geocaching Game

The blockchain can be used for many different things, albeit gaming is not something most people would think of right away. Takara, a Bitcoin geocaching game, has added support for Counterparty assets earlier this week. This game is developed by Christian Moss, who represents MandelDuck. This particular company is also behind the popular SaruTobi game. 

Takara Integrates Counterparty Token Support

The name Takara was not chosen at random by MandelDuck, as it means “treasure” in Japanese. By venturing into the world of geocaching, Takara is inviting Bitcoin enthusiasts to explore the world and pick up some coins along the way. Do not be mistaken in thinking this game can be spoofed easily, though, as new locations can be added, and may include a question that needs to be answered based on information found at that particular place.

Takara developer Christian Moss explained it as follows:

“The user always holds the private key of any Takara they drop. If a question is added to a Takara, then the private key stored on the server is encrypted with the answer and the answer is not stored. The only way to decrypt that Takara’s private key is to go to the location and answer the question.”

For the time being, Takara is only available on iOS, where it has seen some great support so far. The addition of supporting Counterparty tokens will only make this geocaching game more appealing. By doing so, MandelDuck becomes the first developer to deploy fungible in-game assets in an augmented reality application. Pokemon Go can learn a thing or two from this decision; that much is certain.

Due to this integration, Takara players can pick up bitcoins and Counterparty tokens at the same time. In fact, there are some similarities with how Pokemon Go works, but with a monetary reward instead of a new Pokemon. These Counterparty tokens can represent loyalty points, coupons, game items, or anything business may want to attribute to them.

Geocaching makes perfect sense to use tokens based on the Counterparty platform. Given the strong focus by mobile users on augmented reality at this stage, incentivizing people for exploring the world around them is a good way of promoting cryptocurrency and its technology. Especially fungible in-game assets can be quite valuable to players, as they gain a sense of achievement.

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