What to do when you are blackmailed by hackers?

Express Bug bounty - effective blackmailing countermeasure Initially, it was enough to hack into a company’s servers, steal sensitive clients’…

4 years ago

The Humanoid Robot Sophia will be the main speaker during Hacken’s discussion panel at the World Economic Forum 2018 in Davos, Switzerland

Switzerland, Davos, January 27, 2018 - The Ukrainian ICO startup, Hacken, will host this ground-breaking discussion at the Ukrainian House…

4 years ago

Four Major Cases of Hacking a Smart Contract or Why Thinking Ahead is Important for an ICO Project?

When you approach a vending machine and insert a coin, you expect to receive a can of soda or tasty…

4 years ago

Announcement of Cooperation Between Confideal and Hacken

We are happy to announce the start of cooperation between Hacken and Confideal! Cooperation will provide discounted services of penetration…

4 years ago

Hacken Burning Principle and How Stakeholders Can Make Profit From It

It’s no secret that the next century will be full of new inventions, as people always seek to simplify their…

4 years ago

Hacken Is a Place for White Hat Hackers

A project called Hacken is building a dedicated currency and community for white hat hackers. The project aims to protect…

4 years ago

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