Hacken Is a Place for White Hat Hackers

A project called Hacken is building a dedicated currency and community for white hat hackers. The project aims to protect ethical hackers and provide them with the opportunity to develop their skills in a legal way.

What is a White Hat Hacker?

Too often today we hear about cybercriminals and hackers operating in the online world. Hackers are portrayed as malicious actors, hellbent on stealing your information and your money. This is especially true in cryptocurrency, since this ecosystem has been targeted by many hackers since its conception. However, not all hackers are criminals and, in fact, many of them are working on the front lines against those criminals. They are known as “white hat” hackers and use their skills to discover vulnerabilities. Many of them participate in bug bounties or penetration tests and are compensated for discovering the exploits in a system. They are an absolutely necessary part of good product development. Companies would much rather have ethical hackers breach their system and be provided the opportunity to fix it than deal with a live product being exploited by nefarious individuals.

What is Hacken?

Hacken is a community and dedicated cryptocurrency for white hat hackers. The project’s team wants to encourage and foster a connection between the blockchain and cyber-security communities. This includes promoting and furthering ethical hacking and legitimate research into computer systems and software.

Hacken is also a place where clients can purchase tests of their products or systems. All testing and findings are time-stamped on certificates located on the blockchain. These certificates are unique to each project, and the fact that they reside on the blockchain means that they cannot be altered.

This is especially helpful for smaller and medium sized companies that may not have the same budget as larger companies. Hacken provides quick and affordable vulnerability testing, meaning that these smaller companies no longer have to throw caution to the wind when launching new products.

Cyber-security Startup Incubator and Cyber-security Analytics Center

Hacken aims to facilitate excellent cooperation and connections between the cyber-security world and the blockchain. For this reason, the team has committed itself to creating the Cyber-security Startup Incubator and the Cyber-security Analytics Center. They will create a team of analysts to perform fundamental cyber-security research along with auditing and monitoring new cyber-security products. This is huge.

Their main areas of research will be blockchain security, its vulnerabilities, and what countermeasures may look like. They will also focus on big data analytics and visualization in the cyber-security world in addition to cryptography. Protecting data and ensuring secure communications is greatly important to the team.

Hacken Pre-Sale

The team is holding a token pre-sale a few days from now, and interested parties can find information about that on their website. The white paper and one pager are helpful in better understanding the ecosystem and project as a whole.

Here is their website: https://hacken.io/

Their one pager can be found here: https://hacken.io/common/files/HackenOP.pdf

Here is their whitepaper: https://hacken.io/common/files/HackenWP.pdf

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