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Bitcoin as a Safe Haven in Troubled Times

The developing global economic crisis, deepened by months of industry on hold on account of the global COVID-19 pandemic, brings fresh impetus to the discussion of wealth protection. Under immediate threat is the current global standard of national fiat money, with quantitative easing measures creating even more inflationary pressure on traditional monetary systems. As investors desperately seek to preserve the value of their wealth, and with traditional gold becoming scarce …
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How to properly start your crypto startup?

Starting up a company is only hard if you don’t take proper steps to build it. Unlike other normal startups, a crypto business is challenging to establish since it purely operates online. If you don’t start it properly, you would only count months before it fails. Now, if you want a serious business and you are willing to undergo whatever it takes to own a good crypto company, here are …
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Purposed ‘Digital Gold’ BitGesell Unlocks Another Achievement with HotBit Exchange Listing

When Bitcoin emerged in 2009, the original vision was to solve the problem of peer-to-peer transactions on a global scale without intermediation. But as simple as the concept sounds, the original Bitcoin code may not have accounted for certain economic and technical overhead. For example, when there are a lot of transactions on the network, they result in a surge in fees and congestion, thereby defeating the objective of speedy …
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