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Airbitz Adds Foolproof Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Solution

One of the drawbacks most people see when thinking of Bitcoin wallets is what to do if they would lose access to their funds. While stolen funds can be impossible to recover, losing access to a wallet due to device failure can be circumvented. Leading Bitcoin wallet provider Airbitz has come up with a foolproof solution to reduce bitcoin losses to a minimum. A Foolproof Bitcoin Wallet Recovery Feature There …
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How Brave Will Utilize Bitcoin To Change The Browsing Experience

A new infographic by the Brave team reveals how the company envisions the usage of Bitcoin within their new browser. While the primary goal is to improve the user experience by either removing or replacing ads entirely, but Bitcoin plays an integral role in the process as well. How Brave Users Can Embrace Bitcoin Using the Brave browser for a better user experience can be done in a variety of …
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