How Brave Will Utilize Bitcoin To Change The Browsing Experience

A new infographic by the Brave team reveals how the company envisions the usage of Bitcoin within their new browser. While the primary goal is to improve the user experience by either removing or replacing ads entirely, but Bitcoin plays an integral role in the process as well.

How Brave Users Can Embrace Bitcoin

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Using the Brave browser for a better user experience can be done in a variety of ways. Some people may want to help fund content creation as a whole, and they can do so by swapping the default website ads for clean Brave ads. These new advertisements are fast, safe, and earn some money from viewing these ads at the same time.

Moreover, the users who see Brave ads can also donate a portion of their earnings with content creators, which will only bring even better content to the end user. But there is also the option of keeping all of the ad viewing earnings yourself, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

This is where Bitcoin comes into the picture for Brave, as the cryptocurrency can be used to tip content creators and still enjoy an entirely ad-free experience. There is nothing more annoying than browsing the web and being swarmed with advertisements or messages to turn off an ad blocker these days.

Funding websites and content creators directly with Bitcoin is a very viable alternative to dealing with advertisements for both parties involved. The creator knows funds is coming their way and does not have to worry about losing his audience due to ads.

That being said, not everyone will use Bitcoin to tip content creators either. Some people just want a fast and clean browsing experience, with no ads at all, and they will not pay content creators either. The Brave browser gives users complete freedom as to how they wish to act, and whether or not they want to embrace Bitcoin.

Source: Brave

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