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TargetCoin Gives Bonus for 5 ETH Investment

With the summer winding down, some would assume the same is true on the ICO front. This spring and summer have been peppered with ICOs and newly launched projects. Some of these projects have more worth than others, considering that only about half of ICOs seemingly have any prototype of the product or service under development. For these and many other reasons, it is refreshing to see an ICO like TargetCoin‘s introducing new ways …
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TargetCoin: Bonus Paying Cryptocurrency Fund

Sometimes it is hard to find innovation in the many ICOs that are currently going on. Investors are keeping a keen eye out for lucrative opportunities as well. Often, these two -lucrative opportunities and innovation- go hand in hand. TargetCoin is one project that may get investors excited. The Only Bonus Paying Cryptocurrency Fund One of the more appealing aspects of the TargetCoin project for potential investors is the fact …
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