TargetCoin: Bonus Paying Cryptocurrency Fund

Sometimes it is hard to find innovation in the many ICOs that are currently going on. Investors are keeping a keen eye out for lucrative opportunities as well. Often, these two -lucrative opportunities and innovation- go hand in hand. TargetCoin is one project that may get investors excited.

The Only Bonus Paying Cryptocurrency Fund

One of the more appealing aspects of the TargetCoin project for potential investors is the fact that currently it is the only cryptocurrency fund which pays out bonuses to its investors. It is a Closed-End fund that is based on profit-sharing smart contracts. Investors can receive up to 85% of quarterly profits. That in an of itself is eye opening, but it also guarantees at least 0.75% a quarter to it’s ICO investors.

They charge a 10% operational fee annually and a 15% annual performance fee on profits. Part of that performance fee is also intended to be spent on buying back tokens to demonstrate the project developer’s and managers faith in the project itself. Actions like these often help build confidence of investors and help retention and strengthen loyalty. Bonuses and faith can help keep investors interested in the wellbeing of the project as a whole.

Target X – Machine Learning for Financial Markets

Another attractive part of TargetCoin is their machine learning program called Target X. They are currently building this in-house business and market intelligence system. It will provide real time market information to investors along with briefings, signals, and articles.

It will be built on in depth and continuing market research. All of this information will be analyzed by both the team and then their machine learning program to identify historical trends and build predictive models for current and future market behavior. This means that Target X will be able to understand the market and mitigate the risk of the portfolio’s value. It will also provide traders with the ability to backtest trades before ever actually pulling the trigger on live trades.

5 Trillion Dollar Cryptocurrency Market

Everyone is looking to capitalize on the currently undervalued cryptocurrency market. TargetCoin is hopeful that the cryptocurrency market will be valued at $5 trillion by the end of 2022. They believe that their fund can harness the power of that capital and generate revenue for their investors.

TargetCoin ICO

Currently, bonuses will only be paid out to ICO investors. Their ICO strated July 15th and the ICO has already sold over 400 million TargetCoins (TGT). 1 ETH is equal to 7,500 TGT. Just like many other ICOs, they are only accepting ETH as a payment method and participating is simple. The investor only needs to send the amount of ETH they wish to invest from their own wallet -not an exchange’s-, and they will receive the TGT tokens.


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