TargetCoin Gives Bonus for 5 ETH Investment

With the summer winding down, some would assume the same is true on the ICO front. This spring and summer have been peppered with ICOs and newly launched projects. Some of these projects have more worth than others, considering that only about half of ICOs seemingly have any prototype of the product or service under development. For these and many other reasons, it is refreshing to see an ICO like TargetCoin‘s introducing new ways of immediately rewarding its investors.

TargetCoin Rewards Its Investors With Bonuses

TargetCoin is proud to tout itself as the only cryptocurrency fund that pays out bonuses to its investors. These bonuses are not some far-off carrot on an incredibly long stick, however. Investors can expect to receive a bonus right off the bat if they invest 5 ETH right away. TargetCoin’s team has no intention of moving the goal post, just incentivizing investors to join their project.

The project itself is a long-short cryptocurrency fund that invests, trades, and operates within the cryptocurrency markets to utilize market volatility and generate wealth for the fund and its investors. While investors can earn a bonus right away when investing at least 5 ETH, they are also guaranteed a quarterly bonus from the fund as part of the 85% of profits distributed to investors. The remaining 15% is allocated for performance fees and maintenance of the fund itself.

This fund also appears friendly to investors who may not be familiar with cryptocurrencies or digital asset markets. Frankly, it can be overwhelming for any new investor to enter this sphere. The volatility and sheer number of altcoins can make anyone’s head spin. Indeed, the traditional investor is one of the demographics to which TargetCoin is seeking to cater. Cryptocurrency funds are not unlike hedge funds, with which such investors will no doubt be familiar. They can invest and not worry about the individual investments of the fund itself, because they have a share of the fund’s entire worth.

The other appealing part of this for both new and old investors alike is the bonus aspect of the fund, especially when a bonus can be received right away. It provides a reason to invest and also should help calm the minds of nervous investors as they are already receiving something back for their investment.

There are also a couple of cool projects in the pipeline for TargetCoin. One is Target X, a trading intelligence platform that will be available to its investors. This platform will provide valuable market data, articles, and educational materials. Any investor wishing to hash out their knowledge of the sphere can do so with this upcoming tool.


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