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Tails 4.3 Provides Native Trezor Hardware Wallet Support for Crypto Assets

Plenty of cryptocurrency users have an interest in exploring different computer operating systems. Tails has always been of great interest in this regard. Similar to any other OS, the developers will introduce regular updates and fixes. Tails Acknowledges the Demand for Crypto Support In the latest edition, known as Tails 4.3, there is a key change for cryptocurrency users. This marks the first edition where Trezor hardware wallets are supported …
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Pre-Release Tails 2.6 RC1 is Now Available For Test Runs

The Tails team, who is noticeably mainstream now after the Snowden Leaks, has announced the release of Tails 2.6 RC1. Tails 2.6 RC1 is the first release in the development of the next Debian-based GNU/Linux distribution. Coming out in September, it will bring along more up to date technologies to keep users safer, and more secure while online.  It is being based on Tor so there is better support …
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