Tails 4.3 Provides Native Trezor Hardware Wallet Support for Crypto Assets

Plenty of cryptocurrency users have an interest in exploring different computer operating systems. Tails has always been of great interest in this regard.

Similar to any other OS, the developers will introduce regular updates and fixes.

Tails Acknowledges the Demand for Crypto Support

In the latest edition, known as Tails 4.3, there is a key change for cryptocurrency users.

This marks the first edition where Trezor hardware wallets are supported natively.

A very interesting choice, given the nature of this privacy-oriented operating system.

This news also comes at an interesting time.

Not too long ago, it became apparent that all Trezor models are subject to a hardware flaw.

Although the chance of theft is relatively small, it is still a very big problem for the company itself.

That said, it is still good to see more operating systems include support for cryptocurrency hardware wallets out of the box.

The Tails team is doing a very good job in this regard.

Other noteworthy changes include an updated Tor Browser and Thunderbird client, as well as better Tor support and hardware-oriented improvements.

All in all, it is a good upgrade for those who seek privacy and anonymity.

Given the desire by governments and ISPs to spy on users, the demand for such solutions will only become more apparent.