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Samsung Forced To Recall Nearly 3 Million Washing Machines Over Injury Concerns

Trouble continues to brew for Samsung, as the electronics giant is suffering from some very strange hardware failures. The recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issues were a major setback, but they are not the only devices suffering from problems. Nearly 2.8 million Samsung appliances have been called back in the US, because of various parts of washing machines coming loose all of a sudden. What is Going On At …
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Chinese Technology Manufacturer Recalls Items Sold in the U.S. After Fridays Massive Hack

In light of the recent large scale attack that took place online Friday, a Chinese technology manufacturing giant has begun recalling multiple products that it says were used in the attacks. Friday, hackers set their sights on Dyn, and delivered a three-part attack that lasted the entire day. The attack affected millions on the east coast, and caused then to be unable to access dozens of high traffic sites. The …
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