Chinese Technology Manufacturer Recalls Items Sold in the U.S. After Fridays Massive Hack

In light of the recent large scale attack that took place online Friday, a Chinese technology manufacturing giant has begun recalling multiple products that it says were used in the attacks.

Friday, hackers set their sights on Dyn, and delivered a three-part attack that lasted the entire day. The attack affected millions on the east coast, and caused then to be unable to access dozens of high traffic sites.

The company, Xiongmai, released a statement saying that hackers were able to hack into hundreds of thousands of their devices and build a botnet, due to users not switching default passwords. After the botnet was constructed, it pushed massive waves of traffic and flooded Dyn’s servers, which caused them to crash. Big websites that used Dyn’s managed domain name system included Reddit, Spotify, and Twitter.

After the company’s statement went public, they were accused of causing the majority of the attacks with its faulty devices, a claim that Xiongmai has denied.

Security issues are a problem facing all mankind. Since industry giants have experienced them, Xiongmai is not afraid to experience them once, too,” some of the company’s statement read.

They have confirmed that they are set to begin recalling most of their older model products, those sold in the United States before April 2015. The recall is Xiongmai’s way of improving its secure password functionality.

An immediate investigation into the attack said that it left an estimated tens of millions of networks offline. Dyn said that they will be releasing more information later in the week, but did have this to say:

The nature and source of the attack is under investigation, but it was a sophisticated attack across multiple attack vectors and internet locations.

Speculations are pouring in from all over, with Russia being a prime suspect. Motives of the attack are still unknown. We expect to know more in the coming days.

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