Samsung Forced To Recall Nearly 3 Million Washing Machines Over Injury Concerns

Trouble continues to brew for Samsung, as the electronics giant is suffering from some very strange hardware failures. The recent Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery issues were a major setback, but they are not the only devices suffering from problems. Nearly 2.8 million Samsung appliances have been called back in the US, because of various parts of washing machines coming loose all of a sudden.

What is Going On At Samsung’s Factories As of Late?

Any device containing a lithium battery can be a security risk. Given the popularity of smartphones, it was only a matter of time until incidents such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 would become apparent. When household appliances are starting to injure their owners, though, things are taking a significant turn for the worse.

To be more precise, close to 2.8 million appliances in the US alone are being recalled for risk of injuring their owners. One person even suffered a broken jaw, although that has not been officially confirmed at this stage. Apparently, the top parts of these appliances are at risk of coming loose, which can cause significant amounts of damage.

So far, Samsung has received a total of 733 reports related to washing machines showing excessive vibration during the washing cycle. Keeping in mind how these devices can spin at 1400-ish RPM, major vibrations are not uncommon. That does not mean, however, that parts of the machine should come undone, as this could quickly become a life-threatening issue.

Additionally, a total of nine reports has been filed related to injuries as a result of these unruly washing machines. These reports range from the earlier mentioned broken jaw to an injured shoulder, and several other impact-based injuries. This is certainly not the news that Samsung executives need right now, as the company has gone through one PR nightmare already.

A total of 34 different Samsung washing machine models is affected by these problems. Affected customers need to contact the company as soon as possible to receive an in-home repair, as well as an extra year of device warranty. Another option offered is credit to be used for the purchase of a new washing machine. Surprisingly enough, this latter option can be utilized for either Samsung or other brand devices.

For now it remains to be seen if other countries around the world will need to go through similar recall procedures as well. It seems that none of the devices sold outside of North America is affected by these issues, although it is still a bit early to tell. Samsung will not have a happy end of the year at this rate, and we can only hope that the manufacturer steps up its game in 2017.

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