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Bitcoin Service Review – Freecast.XYZ

Although the service offered by Freecast may not be entirely legitimate, it has a certain appeal to pay for legitimate subscriptions with Bitcoin. For NFL fans this service is well worth checking out, despite the risk of it being shut down at any given time. All games are streamed directly through the NFL online service, and there is no illegal content involved. Watching NFL With Bitcoin Is Possible, Despite Grey …
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Freecast Offers NFL Subscriptions In Exchange For Bitcoin

Now that the new NFL season is underway, there is a growing interest in having the ability to watch these games in exchange for Bitcoin. So far, there has been no official way to do so, as the NFL only accepts traditional payment methods. A new service, called Freecast, offers these games in exchanges for a minute Bitcoin payment. An interesting concept, albeit your mileage may vary. Freecast Brings The …
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