Freecast Offers NFL Subscriptions In Exchange For Bitcoin

Now that the new NFL season is underway, there is a growing interest in having the ability to watch these games in exchange for Bitcoin. So far, there has been no official way to do so, as the NFL only accepts traditional payment methods. A new service, called Freecast, offers these games in exchanges for a minute Bitcoin payment. An interesting concept, albeit your mileage may vary.

Freecast Brings The NFL To Bitcoin Users

Online streaming and on-demand services related to sports always tend to become very popular. The NFL, while mostly focusing on the US market, has become an international type of event that everyone seems to enjoy Other than gambling on the outcome of the games by using Bitcoin, watching the content itself can be a bit tricky.

Downloading the games or watching a live stream are both illegal in most countries. While this may not affect users directly, it is not the best way to go about things. Having other options at one’s disposal is always preferably, especially when they can guarantee HD quality and on-demand access.

Freecast, a service not officially condoned by The Merkle, seems to solve this problem. All of the games and back catalog come through the NFL Game Pass subscription. Users will have access to a rather large backlog, as well as have access to the upcoming playoffs.

Moreover, this solution works on every single device in the world, including mobile solutions and consoles. The price for this service is relatively low as well, as users will gain access on a monthly basis for the price of US$10. This includes access to all games and NFL Redzone. The season price for this service is US$50, which is very fair compared to regular subscriptions.

This is the only downside to this whole service, as it seems there is some form of account sharing going on. Such behavior is often frowned upon by the service providers, and it remains to be seen how long Freecast will continue to operate. But for now, it is an interesting option for NFL fans who prefer to pay for access with Bitcoin.

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