Bitcoin Service Review – Freecast.XYZ

Although the service offered by Freecast may not be entirely legitimate, it has a certain appeal to pay for legitimate subscriptions with Bitcoin. For NFL fans this service is well worth checking out, despite the risk of it being shut down at any given time. All games are streamed directly through the NFL online service, and there is no illegal content involved.

Watching NFL With Bitcoin Is Possible, Despite Grey Area

For NFL fans who want to watch their favorite games live and on-demand, Bitcoin options are almost non-existent. Unless the NFL Game Pass service decides to accept Bitcoin payments directly, using a cryptocurrency debit card is one’s best option. Although this would not let users spend Bitcoin directly, it is an option worth checking out.

There are other services available as well, such as Freecast, which we previously covered. After using this service for a few weeks now, it has become clear that this web portal will deliver on its promise of giving customers access to all of the games they may ever want. Both live and on-demand broadcasts are available.

On the quality front, there are absolutely no complaints whatsoever. The Freecast service – while using NFL Game Pass – will upscale the video quality based on one’s Internet speed. Broadband users will see a 720p broadcast relatively quickly, whereas mobile users without 3G, 4g or Wi-Fi access will still be able to watch games without much buffering.

The only downside to this service – although that is NFL Game Pass’ fault – is how browsers which do not support Flash will not display website content. The mobile version of Chrome seems to work sometimes, but the desktop version will not play any stream. Using Edge, Firefox, or other browsers which support Flash will not be an issue, though.

Watching NFL streams on an Android tv box can prove to be quite a challenge. The default mobile browser will black out on video playback, and Dolphin Browser seems to work very sluggishly on devices with 1GB of ram or less. It is possible to use third-party players for this content, although that may be too long a bridge for most users. All in all, Freecast is well worth the money, but keep in mind this service may be shut down out of the blue someday.

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