What Is a Same Game Parlay?

Sports betting continues to grow, and the action starts to heat up during the NFL season each year. Taking a look at the NFL lines is a practice that has been done for decades, but there are now more ways to use those lines.

Moneyline, totals, and spread betting will always be the most popular NFL betting options out there, but other betting types have emerged. Parlays and future betting also attract sports bettors, but a new craze is sweeping through the industry.

This new bet is called a same game parlay, and it allows bettors to combine wagers from the same game into one large bet. This type of strategy used to be “illegal” or forbidden, but it is now a standard option found in sportsbooks.

A same game parlay is the same as a parlay wager, except all of the “legs” are coming from the same game. A “leg” is just a different word for the bet, and it is what you will include in your final wager.

Creating a same game parlay has become popular because it allows bettors to focus on just one matchup instead of looking at the full slate of NFL games. Parlay betting attracts those bettors that are willing to take on a more considerable risk for the potential of a big reward.

Same game parlays still aren’t available at every online sportsbook in the United States, and some still have restrictions. The top sites will have this option available, and there will be a long list of options to choose from when looking to add different legs.

Another reason this betting option has become so popular is that sportsbooks like to feature promotions around this bet. Getting a free bet for making a same game parlay or having some insurance is popular in the U.S. sports betting industry today.

Same Game Parlay Tips

If you have never made a same game parlay wager before, then there are some tips that you should consider to help you be successful. You should come up with your strategy at some point, but give these tips a try as you are just getting started.

Pick a Winner

When creating a same game parlay, the first step is to decide which team you think will win the NFL game. You don’t even have to pick a winner in your same game parlay, but this will guide the rest of your decisions.

It’s essential to consider how the NFL game will play out before even looking at the other available betting options.

Choose a Spread

After determining which team you think will win the NFL game, your next step is to look at the spread. This will be a wager that you will want to include in your same game parlay because the odds are always pretty standard.

You can win a same game parlay without including a spread bet, but it’s going to make things much more difficult. You will find many betting options when it comes to a same game parlay, but betting against the spread is a great way to start.

Focus on Props

After you have determined which team will win the game and by how much, the next step is to look at the prop betting options. These prop bets make the same game parlay work, and you can also increase the potential payout when including these in your bet.

When you add props to your same game parlay, you will want to look at options for each team. Be sure to do plenty of research before adding any of the props to your final wager.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. This article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Always do your research before making any investment.

Photo by Anelale Nájera on Unsplash