NEVERDIE Partners with Richard Garriot

There is breaking news from the NEVERDIE ICO. The project has recently partnered with Ultima’s and Lord British’s founder, Richard Garriott, to bring together even more gamers via the Ethereum blockchain and their NDC and TPT tokens. Two Big Names in Gaming Team Up Richard Garriott, the creator of the popular MMORPG Lord British and Ultima, will advise the NEVERDIE project on its cross-platform gaming ambitions. This is huge for …
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NEVERDIE Surpasses $2 Million in Pre-ICO Sale

Some ICOs and Pre-ICOs perform better than others. A revolutionary blockchain based game and virtual world token called NEVERDIE has done well for itself with its ICO and Pre-ICO sale. It has raised over $2,000,000 and it does not show many signs of stopping, since its ICO still has about twenty-one days left to attract new investments. Not All ICOs Are Created Equal We have spoken at length about how …
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First Double Token ICO is Focused on Gaming

Sometimes it may be a bit hard to find innovation and uniqueness among the absolute torrent of recent ICOs. This is why the first double token ICO that I have come across is rather interesting. The two tokens being offered are NEVERDIE and Teleport.  In the sea of tokens and projects promising to change the entire structure of our economy, it is refreshing to see a project that is genuinely …
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