NEVERDIE Partners with Richard Garriot

There is breaking news from the NEVERDIE ICO. The project has recently partnered with Ultima’s and Lord British’s founder, Richard Garriott, to bring together even more gamers via the Ethereum blockchain and their NDC and TPT tokens.

Two Big Names in Gaming Team Up

Richard Garriott, the creator of the popular MMORPG Lord British and Ultima, will advise the NEVERDIE project on its cross-platform gaming ambitions. This is huge for the NEVERDIE team. Garriott brings a wealth of experience with him to help give NEVERDIE life with his strategic insight and creative prowess. Garriott’s experience is also extremely diverse. He is a video game pioneer, a figure in the commercial spaceflight world, and an explorer.

It is Garriott’s experience with gamification and game pioneering that will be helpful for the project. The project’s vision is clever and ambitious. It seeks to harness the power of gamers in virtual worlds to make an in-game economy that works similarly to physical world economies. NEVERDIE believes that its virtual world can help offset physical world job loss from automation and AI by providing gamified work that actually generates revenue.

Teleport (TPT) tokens enable gamers to move from one virtual world to others, while the NEVERDIE (NDC) coins will let gamers buy more lives, purchase virtual goods, set up virtual stores to earn money, and contribute to the virtual world’s economy. Virtual goods and virtual jobs will become increasingly valuable, and the NEVERDIE project, helped by Garriott’s newly added insight, will tap into that market before others do.

The area on which Garriott will be advising the most is the government structure of the virtual world(s). The VR government will be endowed with a specific amount of the game’s tokens and will be the issuing authority on teleporters to different worlds, which will be built by players under the supervision of the virtual world’s government. This is a big task for Garriott, owing to how much of the rest of the MMORPG’s economy relies on it. He fits the bill, though, because of his experience building virtual worlds, governments, and economies in his other games.

NEVERDIE is not just a game with microtransactions; it is a full-fledged virtual world where players will be able to have jobs and live lives. This is an example of how virtual worlds are not any less real than physical worlds; they just occupy different spaces.

NEVERDIE on Exchanges

Some of the ICO participants have been wondering when they will see these tokens traded on larger exchanges. The NEVERDIE project is happy to announce that they will be traded on C-Cex immediately following the ICO. This is just the first of many to come, and the team plans on having both NEVERDIE coins and Teleport tokens traded on many exchanges in the future.



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