First Double Token ICO is Focused on Gaming

Sometimes it may be a bit hard to find innovation and uniqueness among the absolute torrent of recent ICOs. This is why the first double token ICO that I have come across is rather interesting. The two tokens being offered are NEVERDIE and Teleport.  In the sea of tokens and projects promising to change the entire structure of our economy, it is refreshing to see a project that is genuinely trying to do something different.

The Tokens for Gaming

I want to stress here that “gaming” here means mmorpg, video games, and other games of this sort and not gambling. These two tokens will be the a layer of the Ethereum blockchain for speed and security.

The game that these two coins will have the most initial use in is called AmerVRica, where the world of Virtual Reality is a form of transportation. Movement within the world in any efficient manner requires that the user utilizes teleportation, the most expensive of the methods of transportation. However this means near instant access parts of the game’s universe and quickly.

Virtual Reality, Real Jobs

Much like gold mining in World of Warcraft, or other resource mining for fiat currency exchange in other games, these tokens were created specifically for in game economies to bleed into the cryptocurrency economy.

As the demand for teleportation in game goes up, the demand for the tokens needed to transport will go up. Since there are two ways of getting these tokens, buying and mining, then there will be a micro economy of traders and miners. The tokens spent on teleportation itself will also help stimulate the virtual economy.  

The game has high hopes and optimistic projections for how much economic activity will be generated by teleportation and the work that goes into mining and trading those tokens needed for teleportation.

It’s just not a game without a horde mode

The game encourages the reinvestment of economic growth into developing and maintaining the teleportation infrastructure within its universe. Jobs go into building these, and the skills acquired by avatars will help them level up to higher paying work.

This infrastructure is also going to need defense from the game’s rogue AI. Players can be conscripted to fight against the AI, this gives incentives to players in return. They are paid for their time and service, and ultimately build skills to move into the next level tier -which means higher compensation for work-.

Early Bird Bonus

NEVERDIE’s alpha wallet is now live and coins that are purchased are distributed the same day, there is no need to wait until after the ICO is done.

NEVERDIE Information:

Teleport Tokens ICO and VR game:

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