NEVERDIE Surpasses $2 Million in Pre-ICO Sale

Some ICOs and Pre-ICOs perform better than others. A revolutionary blockchain based game and virtual world token called NEVERDIE has done well for itself with its ICO and Pre-ICO sale. It has raised over $2,000,000 and it does not show many signs of stopping, since its ICO still has about twenty-one days left to attract new investments.

Not All ICOs Are Created Equal

We have spoken at length about how many ICOs are just looking to turn a quick buck, or have mediocre Whitepapers. This is not the case with NEVERDIE, which is a completely unique and interesting idea. Investors seem to have agreed and put their Ether into this project.

To date, 8,420 Ether have been raised to support this project during its ICO. This is just over $2 million at the time of writing. About 10 million NEVERDIE coins have been issued and 495,000 Teleport coins have been issued as well. These two coins will provide a complete Ethereum blockchain governance system which will empower players to shape the future of the virtual world and facilitate an amiable relationship between the developers and the players.

Owners of the NEVERDIE tokens have a few things they can utilize them for currently. One is voting. This project is focused on ensuring a democratic space for both players and developers. Token holders can vote on proposals and elections within the virtual worlds.

NEVERDIE coin (NDC) holders also can also start up a Virtual Reality (VR) business with their NDC to create opportunities to earn real cash through gamified jobs. NDC can also be spent to fund new developments in the worlds to create even more VR jobs and earn revenue from those.

Finally, NDC can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies like how many alt-traders operate today. The Alpha wallet is live so anyone who holds these coins can have quick and easy access to their digital investment.

Coins can be purchased as their ICO is ongoing, but NEVERDIE is also hosting bounties. This is a system that rewards players and individuals for helping spread information about the project via various tasks. One of the “hot bounties” is making a youtube video discussing what NEVERDIE is. Others include following NEVERDIE on social media, sharing news about the project, and adding banners to Twitch streamers’ pages.  All of the bounties will be paid after the completion of the ICO.

The successful raising of over $2 million is due in no small part to the uniqueness of this project. It is a game, it is a cryptocurrency, it is a virtual world, and it is a place where gamified work takes place.


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