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Reasons Why A Managed Trading Account Could Be Better For You

When choosing to trade cryptocurrencies, or any other type of digital asset, users must always consider if they’re the right fit for the job. Trading any digital asset requires a lot of knowledge in the market, technical chart analysis, and sometimes even a bit of luck. It can all get very complicated in just a matter of seconds, and emotions could also play a huge part in the decision-making process …
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Price of Bitcoin Slides Below $8,100 Amid Consensus Woes

This week has marked the duration of the fourth annual Consensus conference, the largest cryptocurrency conference in the world. As attendance more than quadrupled from 2017, to over 9,000 attendees, there was plenty of hype and heavy anticipation of the positive effect Consensus 2018 would have on cryptocurrency markets. Unfortunately, the conclusion of Consesnsus 2018 has not had the positive impact expected. Since local highs from May 15, the global …
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Altcoins Slide as Price of Bitcoin Falls Below $9,000

As is always expected with major surges, cryptocurrency markets have seen a significant drawback following strong performances across the board since local BTC lows of under US$7,000 earlier in the month. Following impressive Bitcoin and altcoin gains earlier in the week, global market capitalization has fallen about 10% in the past day. While many speculators feared what would happen when Bitcoin approached the US$10,000 resistance, the price never quite made it …
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