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Cryptocurrency Donations Bring an Advanced Medical Post for Coronavirus Victims to Italy

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can often be used to support charitable events. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, Italy’s Red Cross is accepting Bitcoin donations for an advanced medical post. It is evident that a lot of countries will need help to keep the novel coronavirus in check. Helping Italy With Cryptocurrencies In Italy, the situation has spiraled out of control completely in the past week. With so many patients awaiting …
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Italy Locks Down 14 Provinces Over Novel Coronavirus Fear

Italy is one of the countries hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus. To avoid further spreading of the virus, a lockdown has been announced in northern Italy. When a virus of this magnitude spreads quickly, extreme precautions come into play. Italy Takes Extreme Coronavirus Measures For Italian residents, an emergency lockdown affecting millions of people is in their future. This surprising measure was announced by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe …
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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Down to $7,300

At press time, bitcoin has fallen to roughly $7,300. This is $100 less than where it stood yesterday afternoon, though the currency was trading for as high as $7,500 during Tuesday’s evening hours. The bitcoin arena is something of a mixed bag. For example, China’s president Xi Jinping recently endorsed blockchain technology, stating that it has the potential to heal global economies. Speaking at a recent conference with the Chinese …
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