A Digital Euro Appeases Italy’s Banking Association

This trial is promising, yet it doesn't necessarily mean that a digital euro will become the new norm.

1 year ago

Cryptocurrency Donations Bring an Advanced Medical Post for Coronavirus Victims to Italy

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can often be used to support charitable events. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, Italy's Red Cross…

2 years ago

Italy Locks Down 14 Provinces Over Novel Coronavirus Fear

Italy is one of the countries hit the hardest by the novel coronavirus. To avoid further spreading of the virus,…

2 years ago

Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Down to $7,300

At press time, bitcoin has fallen to roughly $7,300. This is $100 less than where it stood yesterday afternoon, though…

3 years ago

Italy, Bitcoin, Mafia and Gambling

During the recent speech of the Italian Democratic Party member, Lucrezia Ricchiuti, it was expressed that Bitcoins are powering up…

5 years ago

Italy Bans Onecoin Over Fraud Investigations

The so-called cryptocurrency has been previously regarded as a scam, but this time, the fraud allegation reached institutional ears: the…

5 years ago

Italy’s Largest Bank Announces 14,000 Job Cuts To Stay Afloat

The banking sector is under severe pressure from all sides,  and coming up with the necessary solutions proves to be…

5 years ago

Lack of Database Management Makes Italy’s Banking Crisis Even Worse

  Most people will remember the ongoing banking crisis in Italy, for which no solution has been found yet. But…

5 years ago

ECB Feels Brexit Woes Are “Contained” For Now

A lot of people are keeping a close eye on what the European Central Bank is doing these days. With…

5 years ago

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