Cryptocurrency Donations Bring an Advanced Medical Post for Coronavirus Victims to Italy

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can often be used to support charitable events. During the novel coronavirus outbreak, Italy’s Red Cross is accepting Bitcoin donations for an advanced medical post.

It is evident that a lot of countries will need help to keep the novel coronavirus in check.

Helping Italy With Cryptocurrencies

In Italy, the situation has spiraled out of control completely in the past week.

With so many patients awaiting treatment, new solutions need to be found.

One campaign on HelperBit was designed to achieve funding for an advanced medical post for pre-triage.

A goal of 10,000 Euro was set, which was reached on March 15th.

Following the success, the campaign was extended to complete core infrastructure with necessary accessories.

At the time of this campaign’s creation, the number of confirmed cases and deaths was much lower compared to today.

These developments only highlight the need for medical supplies in Italy as of right now.

What makes the campaign so interesting is how all of the funding can be done through cryptocurrencies.

Both Bitcoin and various altcoins are accepted under the current circumstances.

It is a great way for cryptocurrency enthusiasts to contribute to the greater cause. 

More efforts like these may need to be launched in the near future, as the coronavirus crisis is far from over.