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Germany Still Shows a Keen Interest in Crypto Assets

There are still many questions as to how different countries and governments perceive Bitcoin and other crypto assets. In Germany, it would appear that the interest in blockchain and crypto assets continues to rise. Following the recent market turmoil, interest in Bitcoin has seemingly dropped off significantly all over the world. Bitcoin is Thriving in Germany In Germany, the situation isn’t nearly as bleak as one may think. Boerse Stuttgart …
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Several Dozen Banks in Germany Want to Provide Custodial Cryptocurrency Services

For many years, financial institutions have shunned cryptocurrencies and their users. During 2020 and beyond, those same banks will begin providing crypto-related services to attract more customers. Custodial services related to cryptocurrencies appear to be in high demand. Germany is Warming up to Cryptocurrencies This is especially the case in Germany, at least according to the domestic banks. Several institutions have acknowledged they begin offering custodial cryptocurrency services in the …
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Coinbase Works Just Fine in Germany Despite not Openly Supporting the Region

Germany is widely considered to be a crucial region for cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, local regulation makes it an unappealing country for crypto service providers. For years now, a rumor has persisted as to how Coinbase is not accessible in Germany. Time to end the Coinbase in Germany FUD The truth is often very different, as this service works just fine in this European country. On the website, it is not mentioned …
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