Several Dozen Banks in Germany Want to Provide Custodial Cryptocurrency Services

For many years, financial institutions have shunned cryptocurrencies and their users. During 2020 and beyond, those same banks will begin providing crypto-related services to attract more customers.

Custodial services related to cryptocurrencies appear to be in high demand.

Germany is Warming up to Cryptocurrencies

This is especially the case in Germany, at least according to the domestic banks.

Several institutions have acknowledged they begin offering custodial cryptocurrency services in the near future.

More than three dozen institutions have asked for express permission to provide these services in Germany. 

That is a remarkable turn of events.

For those unaware, Germany is one of the few countries where LocalBitcoins isn’t operating today due to regulatory concerns. 

Speaking of regulation, it appears that a new Money Laundering Act will come into play for crypto businesses.

It will be expanded upon to encompass support for crypto assets as well.

All of this will be achieved while further improving customer protection as well.

Whether all of these banks will be granted permission to provide this type of service, is a different matter altogether.

A license is required to engage in such activities, and one that isn’t too easy to obtain either.

The coming months may prove crucial for the future of cryptocurrencies in Germany.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions regarding this region at this time.