Coinbase Works Just Fine in Germany Despite not Openly Supporting the Region

Germany is widely considered to be a crucial region for cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, local regulation makes it an unappealing country for crypto service providers.

For years now, a rumor has persisted as to how Coinbase is not accessible in Germany.

Time to end the Coinbase in Germany FUD

The truth is often very different, as this service works just fine in this European country.

On the website, it is not mentioned as an actively supported region.

That in itself is not problematic, as users can simply sign up and check for themselves. 

For reasons unknown, many people have wondered if Coinbase is a thing in Germany.

Some of the Reddit posts go back several years, indicating there is still a  lot of confusion regarding this topic.

One also has to keep in mind that LocalBitcoins is no longer active in Germany, creating a sort of “biased” look on things.

Contrary to what this flimsy evidence may indicate, Germans can use Coinbase just fine.

Once they verify their bank account, all services will be available to them.

If the company would not supported this region, customers would not be able to deposit or withdraw fiat.

To no one’s surprise, there are no real problems with doing so in this modern era. 

Even if the platform wouldn’t be accessible, there are plenty of other exchange accessible to Germans.