Germany Still Shows a Keen Interest in Crypto Assets

There are still many questions as to how different countries and governments perceive Bitcoin and other crypto assets. In Germany, it would appear that the interest in blockchain and crypto assets continues to rise.

Following the recent market turmoil, interest in Bitcoin has seemingly dropped off significantly all over the world.

Bitcoin is Thriving in Germany

In Germany, the situation isn’t nearly as bleak as one may think.

Boerse Stuttgart is noting strong growth as far as its BISON application is concerned.

Through BISON, users can buy and sell all of the major cryptocurrencies.

So far, the app has been used by 100,000 people, a number that is expected to rise in the near future.

Retail investors are seemingly looking to diversify their holdings, rather than sticking to stocks and bonds.

A similar sentiment can be found where Main Incubator is concerned.

This venture in Germany, launched by Commerzbank, isn’t suffering from the coronavirus crisis by any means.

Its diversified portfolio of different technology investments has been its saving grace. 

For all companies in Germany, as well as the rest of the world, the goal is to keep pushing forward.

Bitcoin and altcoins were once widely considered to be a safe haven asset during times of financial turmoil.

As the coronavirus crisis has shown, it cannot live up to that label by any means.