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Top 5 Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Since Bitcoin’s inception 8 years ago many merchants and retailers have warmed up to the currency and use it today. This article will list the 5 best places to spend your Bitcoins. #5 Dell Dell started accepting Bitcoin in 2014, it is one of the largest personal computer companies in the US. Dell’s Bitcoin payment option is integrated with Coinbase and it is built right into the checkout page. When you’re …
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eGifter Lets Bitcoin Users Buy Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balances

Spending Bitcoin directly for everyday purchases has proven to be quite a challenge. Although there are more and more places where Bitcoin can be spent, the largest chains are still holding off. Dunkin Donuts is now on the Bitcoin radar, albeit not in a direct fashion. Egifter, a service accepting Bitcoin payments for gift cards, recently added Dunkin Donuts to their list. Dunkin Donuts And Bitcoin Is A Happy Marriage …
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Gyft No Longer Sells Amazon Gift Cards For Bitcoin

Gyft is the most used platform to buy gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin these days, as they offer such a vast selection of stores and brands to choose from. Until very recently, Amazon gift cards were part of the Gyft offerings, but the company has apparently removed this option from the platform without an official announcement. Amazon Option on Gyft Is No More For many Bitcoin users in the …
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