eGifter Lets Bitcoin Users Buy Dunkin Donuts Gift Card Balances

Spending Bitcoin directly for everyday purchases has proven to be quite a challenge. Although there are more and more places where Bitcoin can be spent, the largest chains are still holding off. Dunkin Donuts is now on the Bitcoin radar, albeit not in a direct fashion. Egifter, a service accepting Bitcoin payments for gift cards, recently added Dunkin Donuts to their list.

Dunkin Donuts And Bitcoin Is A Happy Marriage

Although most people would like nothing more than the Fold app to integrate all the main US brands to spend Bitcoin on, that process will take a lot of time. Until then, there are other intermediate solutions to solve these problems. Purchasing gift cards with Bitcoin is not the perfect solution, bit it opens up a lot of opportunities to spend cryptocurrency on everyday needs.

eGifter Is probably one of the most popular services to purchase these everyday gift cards with Bitcoin. Although Gyft offers a very large selection as well, they do not support Dunkin Donuts gift cards right now. This is why it is important to keep an eye on different service providers to see who can cater towards your needs.

One could argue not everyone is a big fan of Dunkin Donuts, and they would be correct. However, additional use cases for Bitcoin are never a bad thing. Buying a gift card is an interesting choice, as it allows for everyday purchases without much friction. Moreover, users can always resell their remaining balance in exchange for Bitcoin if they want to do so.

Bitcoin gift card service providers need to explore the many different options users might favor. Although there are no guarantees for any success in the long run, brands like Dunkin Donuts will attract a lot of attention. eGifter is the first to capitalize on this untapped brand’s market, and the decision was inspired by the company’s own employees’ coffee habits.

What makes eGifter different from companies such as Gyft and Fold is how users can determine the gift card balance they want to purchase. Not just in round numbers, but even a US$4.77 purchase worth of credit is possible. All in all, this is an excellent way to expand the usability of Bitcoin, and we can only hope to see more use cases like these in the future.

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