Gyft No Longer Sells Amazon Gift Cards For Bitcoin

Gyft is the most used platform to buy gift cards in exchange for Bitcoin these days, as they offer such a vast selection of stores and brands to choose from. Until very recently, Amazon gift cards were part of the Gyft offerings, but the company has apparently removed this option from the platform without an official announcement.

Amazon Option on Gyft Is No More

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For many Bitcoin users in the United States, Gyft is the platform to check out whenever a gift card needs to be bought. That is only normal, as the company offers cash back in points for every purchase made, which can be used for future discounts. Moreover, the company provides access to so many major brands in exchange for Bitcoin which makes the user experience only more enjoyable.

However, one of their major brands is no longer part of the Gyft platform it seems, as the Amazon gift card feature has been removed completely. This comes as quite a surprise, considering how Amazon is one of the most often-used platforms in the United States. Any gift card for this platforms users can buy with Bitcoin is of great value to the cryptocurrency community.

Unfortunately, that is no longer the case, and there is no indication Amazon gift cards will ever return on Gyft. In fact, the company never explained when they removed this option, let alone why the decision was made. All in all, this is rather strange, and it forces Bitcoin users to look for alternatives when it comes to the Amazon platform.

Luckily for all of us, there are other platforms available which still sell Amazon cards in exchange for Bitcoin. Egifter is one of the most obvious choices, as this platform has become quite popular among cryptocurrency enthusiasts as well throughout the years. Buying an Amazon gift card on Egifter is only available to people shopping on, though.

CardCash is another option, although this marketplace heavily depends on the availability of gift cards being sold by other users. This company does not stock any cards themselves, and if n one his selling a particular brand, there will not be a buying option for Bitcoin users. Other options include Cryfter, InstaGift, and Yes To Bitcoins.  

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