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Digitex Futures Price Falls off a Cliff as Losses Pile up

Even though most of the cryptocurrency markets show bullish signs as of right now, not all projects are moving up in a similar fashion. In fact, there is always a chance some individual markets will note big losses when Bitcoin goes on a new run. As far as the Digitex Futures price is concerned, things are not necessarily looking all that great. The losses are piling up across the board, …
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Digitex Futures Price Rises Following Exchange Launch Announcement

The entire cryptocurrency industry is plagued by a major increase in bearish pressure today It seems none of the top markets can make a meaningful comeback, which is not entirely surprising. Further down the rankings, however, it would appear the Digitex Futures price is trying to reclaim some lost ground. It has been a while since the project made some waves, after all. Digitex Futures Price Creates Some Waves When …
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